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William Woo founded XIAMEN JOY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in China with a vision to create a company that would produce high-quality diamond grinding tools for a global audience. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing durable, reliable, and high-performing tools that met the demands of the construction, stone processing, and floor preparation industries.

In the early days, JOY TECHNOLOGY faced stiff competition from established manufacturers in the industry. However, William Woo was determined to differentiate his company by focusing on quality and innovation. He invested heavily in research and development, working with a team of experts to create new and better diamond grinding tools that would help customers achieve their goals more efficiently.

As JOY TECHNOLOGY began to establish itself in the Chinese market, William Woo turned his attention to the international market. He realized that there was a growing demand for high-quality diamond grinding tools around the world, and he wanted his company to be at the forefront of this market.

To achieve this goal, William Woo implemented a strategy that focused on building a strong online presence, attending trade shows, establishing partnerships, focusing on quality, and providing excellent customer service. The company created a professional website that showcased its products and services, optimized for search engines to make it easy for potential customers to find them. JOY TECHNOLOGY also attended trade shows in different regions, showcasing their products and meeting potential customers.

Today, XIAMEN JOY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of diamond grinding tools, with a global presence that spans multiple countries. The company continues to innovate and improve its products, striving to meet the changing needs and demands of customers in different industries. William Woo’s vision of creating a company that produces high-quality diamond grinding tools for a global audience has been realized, and JOY TECHNOLOGY is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and dedication to quality.


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